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The adventure of the psychedelic collective C+C=Maxigross began in 2009, when the band decided to record in a house on the mountains. They put together a group of songs they wrote with friends, during evenings spent around the fire or walking through Lessinia’s woods. When the EP “Singar” came out they never expected that their name would spread from blog to blog, magazine to magazine. This success allowed them to play everywhere in Italy, from the North to the South. In 2012 they won the Arezzo Wave, one of the main Italian music festivals, and eventually landed in the United States for a mini­tour with one stop at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.
In April 2013 they recorded their first album “Ruvain” (Vaggimal/Audioglobe), with some songs produces and recorded analogically on a 8 tracks tape recorder by Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle) and some others recorded live by the band itself in their studio on the mountains, during long nocturnal jam sessions.
“Ruvain”, a word that in an ancient language called “cimbro” means “to make noise”, was acclaimed by critic and won the PIMI price for the best self-produced album, at MEI, the meeting of Italian independent labels, and allowed them to play for a year and a half with no breaks. Highlights of this tour were several international festivals like Primavera Sound 2014 in Barcelona, Eurosonic in Groningen (NL), Reeperbahn and Fusion Festival in Germany.
In 2014 they made a special tour with the Norwegian musician Martin Hagfors (HGH, ex Home Groan), with whom they recorded and EP. The project was called: “An Instantaneous Journey with Martin Hagfors & C+C=Maxigross”.
Since 2014 they organize every summer the Lessinia Psych Fest, International Festival of Folk and Psychedelic Folk, who hosted on the mountains around Verona, artists like Jennifer Gentle, Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family), IOSONOUNCANE, The Pussywarmers, Hobocombo and many more.
In november 2015 they’ve released their second official album “Fluttarn” (that in Cimbrian means “to flutter, to fly about, to fly away”) as a conclusion of a trilogy of records recorded in their own Vaggimal Studios in the village of Vaggimal, outside Verona, a settlement with 114 inhabitants located 732 metres above sea level. “Fluttarn” features artists like Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family), Martin Hagfors (HGH), Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle) and Håkon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho).
They are currently working on a special album entirely recorded with Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family) & Joe Westerlund (Megafaun/Grandma Sparrow/Califone).
The music of C+C=Maxigross was often described as psychedelic folk, a word that good defines their beginnings, when the sound was mainly acoustic and enriched by vocal harmonies and simple arrangements, like traditional songs from the mountains. Now that C+C=Maxigross became a powerful live band, the electric and improvisation parts turned fundamental also during the composition process and the new songs are more reminiscent of Grateful Dead and Crazy Horse, and always devoted to the craziness of Os Mutantes.




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